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Dawn L. Christensen, the owner of A-1 Affordable Aid, has decades of experience as a Paralegal, is a certified custody visitation supervisor and a family/commercial mediator. One of Dawn's main passions is children and their best interests.

In 1987, with an Early Child Development background, she taught pre-kindergarten students. A year later, after taking business law, her keen interest in helping children expanded to helping both the child and their parents through the legal process.

That interest was further shaped by her own life experiences with the divorce process and child custody issues, when raising her own son with the least amount of conflict became paramount. Working through many of life's issues, Dawn and her son's father were able to raise their son to be a balanced, compassionate, giving and contributing member of society.

In 1994, Dawn assisted in the operation of a legal clinic at the House of Hope (a shelter for woman and children in Orange County, California), offering assistance to parents and children who were suffering from domestic violence. She prepared their legal documents, restraining orders and support orders under the supervision of family law attorneys. 

In 1995, she worked as a law clerk for the Contra Costa County Family Court on the “pro per” calendar with Commissioner Josanna Berkow, who was instrumental in authoring and creating the “Kids' Turn” program. During this same time, Dawn also Clerked for the Contra Costa County Juvenile Court assisting the Judge regarding reunification of children with incarcerated parents and on laws, procedures and deficiencies with those processes.

In 1998, Dawn was certified through Contra Costa County as a “Non-Professional Custody Visitation Supervisor” reporting to the Court regarding the supervision of visitations between parents and their children that she handled. This was very rewarding. 

Dawn also trained with Northern California Mediation Center in mediating family law cases, has worked with Attorney Mediated Divorces as a mediator in San Jose, California where she received further training in family and commercial mediation through The Conflict Resolutions Group, and is now the owner of A-1 Affordable Aid in Stockton, California. She is excited about continuing her longstanding passion to help parents, and their children.


U.C. Berkeley, Berkely, CA: Paralegal Certification

Mediation Certifications: Northern California Mediation Center, The Conflict Resolutions Group and TWZ Enterprises


Ms. Noelia Gerez is originally from Argentina. She moved here when she was 12 years old with her family. She is a mother of three and is English-Spanish bilingual. She comes to A-1 Affordable Aid with 9-years’ experience and background in fully managing a home remodeling company in Northern California, which is a key component to her ability to provide excellent customer service.

She recently discovered the need to do more for her and her children, so Ms. Gerez enrolled in U.S Career Institute to become a certified Paralegal. She joined A-1 Affordable Aid in April 2016 and through exemplary skills and ability to rapidly navigate the office, she is now the office manager.

As a single mother, Ms. Gerez can relate to many of the clients that are in need of having someone there for them, showing support and compassion during a difficult time in life; such as going through a divorce.

She has been enhancing her knowledge thanks to her mentor Dawn Christensen, which has been a great influence and example of commitment and perseverance in this industry.  Ms. Gerez has been able to work side-by-side with Ms. Christensen and in learning how to give back to the community; for example, the office was closed for an entire day so that they could volunteer their time for raising funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. They were able to assist in raising over $4,500.


Ms. Buenostros is an Immigration Assistant who has worked for 5 years with immigration attorneys and law firms to perfect her immigration services.  She assists people and families of all ethnic backgrounds and countries.  

We are proud to have her as a independent contractor at A-1 Affordable Aid.